After reading the cards for over ten years, I still get so excited to see the stories unfold in their pictures and meanings. I still get so excited to see the epiphanies and “ah-ha” looks on my client’s faces when the Tarot shows them a deep truth. It’s as though the cards help us to remember ourselves, to bring us back to our own authentic path!

When you know where you’ve been, and where you are currently, now you can see the potential of how the future may turn out. Tarot shows us to ourselves so that we can start to make changes and decisions for our highest good, rather than working against ourselves.

Whether you’re looking for quick advice for a particular issue or for a deep soul searching reading, I am your person. The cards are the tool, a means for reaching through the murkiness of our own blocks and blind spots to see what treasures lie there for us. Full readings typically last an hour, but if we go a bit over, there is no extra fee. Please let me know if you are on a tight schedule as most readings turn into flowing conversations that lead to a natural conclusion when the client feels they’ve gotten what they are looking for from the cards. Readings are over the phone or by text. I do the occasional reading in person but only by referral or for established clients.

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