Spiritual Mentoring

Even the butterflies with torn wings can fly.

I long ago learned that the most helpful answers to my spiritual questions were the ones that came from within. In hypnosis, regression therapy, and past life exploration, as well as using the Tarot, the wisdom of our own inner voice comes through to heal, teach and spark spiritual growth. By unlocking the secrets of childhood. My training in hypnosis, regression therapy, spiritual studies, and mentoring enables me to assist in guiding, being a friend on the journey, but my voice is not that of the guru or the teacher. The insights and revelations attained through this work will be authentic only when they come from within the self, from loving spirit guides, those in the soul cluster, and from the all-knowing divine universal energy.

A spiritual journey is often sparked by unusual experiences that cannot be easily explained, which means they are not always easy to discuss for fear of being labeled as crazy or going insane. Our carefully constructed safety nets and beliefs can suddenly fail and we are left in a free fall, scrambling to make sense of our new normals. My role as a mentor is to witness the journey, ask questions and be a companion for the beautiful moments as well as the not so beautiful.

My most important tools are simply my ears, eyes and intuition. I may suggest we use Tarot, NLP or hypnosis if these feel appropriate. At all times, however, the client’s needs guide each session.

Sessions are by appointment. Spiritual work is highly personal and all sessions are confidential. While I remain flexible, it is suggested that there be a least a week between meetings allowing for time to reflect upon insights and lessons gained.

There may be times, however, that deep issues are raised that require the aid of a licensed psychologist or counselor. I am neither. In such an event, referrals will be made.