Animal Communication

Dobby the Angel Dog. He is never very far away.

About four years ago, on a night before a new tarot client was scheduled for an in-person reading at the Lucky Bean Cottage, I had a strange, powerful dream. I’d never had a dream that felt so much like I was in someone else’s reality. In the dream, a dog raced around and finally ran between my legs, where I caught him. I could feel his heart beating a million miles an hour and thought, “this dog is going to have a heart attack.” In front of me was a beautiful woman sitting under a tree. The dog wanted to go to her and she looked so sad. To my left, a man appeared standing beside a path leading into a forest. He spoke directly to me saying he was coming for his dog and to let the woman know.

The next day, the first thing my new client said to me was how heartbroken she was because she’d just lost her dog. I stopped her right there and described the physical characteristics of the dog that I’d seen in the dream. Same dog. She was especially grieved because this dog belonged to her boyfriend who had passed away a few years earlier.The dog had died of heart failure. I was able to tell her then that the dog was okay and happily reunited with her boyfriend.

This experience was a first for me. While not exactly animal communication, it did open up the possibility that I could telepathically connect with animals and communicate with them.

I contacted a well-known and respected animal communicator in Minnesota, Ilga Cimbulis, and asked if she would mentor me. This past year, I was fortunate to return to Virginia Beach and the A.R.E for a certification training with Joan Ranquet. Now, after study and doing over 100 readings, I’m happy to offer Animal Communication as one of my services.

Pippa, a rescue at my local shelter. She came from a South Korean meat farm. I have learned so much from her. She’s been one of my greatest teachers.

I’ve been inspired by the hours I’ve spent volunteering at my local animal shelter, tuning in to the dogs there. Sometimes it is enough to just sit with them in their grief, as nearly all shelter animals are experiencing, and know they are being seen and heard. Each one is precious. Each one has a story to tell.

Now, when someone says to me that they wish they knew what their dog is thinking, I’m happy to assure them that this is a real possibility!

River Dog. Taking us on a whole new adventure!