About Cynthia

cropped-postcard-picture.jpgI have clear memories from my infancy of my past life drowning death. At a young age, I would ask my friends what their earliest memories were and they would recall a birthday or a Christmas. None remembered being a grown up or what it felt like to die. I quickly learned to not talk about my strange memories. But I did not forget them. Instead, I became a seeker, looking for an explanation for what I knew was no dream, no made up fantasy.

My formal education included an English degree, a deep study of Greek mythology and a stint in business college. Then, after selling a successful business and between writing a novel and raising kids, I decided I should get credit for all the books I’d read on spirituality, reincarnation, mysticism and world religions. I enrolled in Atlantic University founded by Edgar Cayce and graduated with a masters degree in Transpersonal Studies with a focus on Past Life Regression Therapy, Integrated Imagery Therapy and Spiritual Mentoring.

My love for the Tarot came after taking a class with Kathy Dannel Vitcak, creator of It’s Your Karma Oracle cards. I discovered the amazing ability of the tarot to bring forth a treasure trove of wisdom. I’ve been doing readings since 2009. I enjoy teaching the Tarot and watching others discover for themselves what I discovered —we are magical, mystical, intuitive beings. We are able to tap into a Universal Creative Force that loves us and wants us to be happy.

I had a lifelong love affair with the Ocean and in 2013, the words my teacher, friend and mentor, Jeanne Troge, taught me–What I long for is also longing for me–came true. With the kids grown, we moved to Florida to a dreamy little beach home I named the Heart Bean House. There’s a little one-room cottage out back where I play, explore and work. The Lucky Bean Cottage. My husband, Keith, and I love to travel and we are smitten with our pup, River.

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